The Whitening Of The NBA

Coming Very Soon Techniques The Play Ground (No Niggas) That little Arch Thingy The “European Step” The 3 Point Shot The Great White Hope(s) NLB Negro League Stats, Dave Parker, Tiger Woods, Cam Newton, …, Etc LeBron, The False Messiah GSW, Thou Shalt Not Excel at Whiteboy Ball! Like Mike, If You Could Not Be … [Read more…]

Russ Westbrook is not the problem with the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James is!

The problem is that LJ is masquerading as a Center, Power Forward, Small Forward, Point Guard, Point Forward, Point Center, …, or anything other than the Shooting Guard that he is. I dealt with this problem in 2016 as I decided that LJ did not belong on the 2016 Olympic Men’s Basketball Team. In a … [Read more…]

Wet Cheetah Wife Beater

With Divine Hispanic Model, Tiffany Solis. This backyard photographic test shoot was performed in Pearland, Texas. All photography and videography utilizes Sony Digital Cameras, without exception. Enjoy downloading your favorite pics! It is confirmed that Tiffany is Hot!

Kyla Aujeante, Creole Melanin Goddess

This is from a recent test shoot in Houston. As a Photographer, I am so very happy to be associated with this gorgeous, sexy, and Very Professional Model. When I reviewed her work she appeared to be very interesting and lovely. Nothing can replace seeing Kyla in person. Divine, Enchanting, Intelligent, Superb, Kyla! More of … [Read more…]

PC, The New Party Line

This generation does not use Logic, they only use PC. They are under control like the post WWII USSR. They are totally subject to the PC Party Line. The controlling words sound like misogynist, narcissist, racist, bigot, homophobe, transphobe, sexist, and many other similar accusations of mental or social defect. I maintain my position that … [Read more…]

Isaiah Stewart Incident

Appalling, Immature, Out of Control, Brutish, Irrational, Escalating, Disgusting. Not Isaiah, but Lebron James.  I heard over and over how we had to endure over 15 minutes of this horrible display of un-professionalism.  I never heard a single word about just why Lebron James remained on the floor 15 minutes after being ejected for a … [Read more…]