Meet Kyrie Irving

Let me introduce you to Kyrie Irving, Shooting Guard/ Small Forward! Kyrie is facing harsh criticism today about his lack of leadership, but the reality is that his performance and leadership are absolutely stellar. Think of Kyrie in much the same way that you think of Michael Jordan, then you will understand this Superstar. From … [Read more…]

Video Escort

Recording Your Shoots Models and photographers have different feelings about the need for escorts.  Escorts are an unfortunate solution that must be tolerated to promote model safety. It is true that photographers must also be careful when dealing with strangers found on the internet or models that they are not familiar with, because photographers are … [Read more…]

Public Trust, A Shot Into Darkness

Public Trust is not related to jobs for minorities. There is no solution to police brutality down that path. If the President of the USA is afraid to meet this issue head on, then don’t expect a candidate for President, Governor, Mayor, Police Commissioner, Council Member, Judge, or Police Chief to do any better. The … [Read more…]


Players with exceedingly big hearts are willing to sacrifice part of their salary to the team to otherwise pursue prospective stars.  This money comes straight out of the player’s  pockets and it is investment in the team.  It is fundamentally fair to consider this to be an ownership move, and teams that request such concession … [Read more…]

Model Management and Oppression

Everyone knows how discouraging it is to see a beautiful young lady caught up in the world of prostitution. I actually study the “Local Stroll” in Houston because I am very interested in shooting an artistic set representing “that life”. There are so many players. The Girl, the Pimp, the John, the Street Lookouts, the … [Read more…]