PC, The New Party Line

This generation does not use Logic, they only use PC. They are under control like the post WWII USSR. They are totally subject to the PC Party Line. The controlling words sound like misogynist, narcissist, racist, bigot, homophobe, transphobe, sexist, and many other similar accusations of mental or social defect. I maintain my position that … [Read more…]

Isaiah Stewart Incident

Appalling, Immature, Out of Control, Brutish, Irrational, Escalating, Disgusting. Not Isaiah, but Lebron James.  I heard over and over how we had to endure over 15 minutes of this horrible display of un-professionalism.  I never heard a single word about just why Lebron James remained on the floor 15 minutes after being ejected for a … [Read more…]

Article And Discussion Vault

The Following Articles will be added to the Archive Soon. Happy Reading! Sports Talk The Free Agency EraFantasy Football BustsDwight Howard, BromanceNBA Pre-Season PredictionsSteph Curry, Really Not That Good!You Weren’t Shooting With Me In The GymBASKETBALL’S 2016 OLYMPIAN DILEMMASUPERBOWL 50, Cam Newton vs The WorldWILL TO WIN, Golden State Warriors’ Historic RunBasketball Players 50 Point … [Read more…]

King Kevin Durant?

Best Small Forward in NBA History? Pump your brakes, Kevin has not earned that title. That title belongs to Scottie Pippen. I have so many reasons why. Kevin has all of the potential, but it is time for him to get it on. In 2015 I did not want to place Kevin or LeBron on … [Read more…]

Meet Kyrie Irving

Let me introduce you to Kyrie Irving, Shooting Guard/ Small Forward! Kyrie is facing harsh criticism today about his lack of leadership, but the reality is that his performance and leadership are absolutely stellar. Think of Kyrie in much the same way that you think of Michael Jordan, then you will understand this Superstar. From … [Read more…]

Video Escort

Recording Your Shoots Models and photographers have different feelings about the need for escorts.  Escorts are an unfortunate solution that must be tolerated to promote model safety. It is true that photographers must also be careful when dealing with strangers found on the internet or models that they are not familiar with, because photographers are … [Read more…]

Public Trust, A Shot Into Darkness

Public Trust is not related to jobs for minorities. There is no solution to police brutality down that path. If the President of the USA is afraid to meet this issue head on, then don’t expect a candidate for President, Governor, Mayor, Police Commissioner, Council Member, Judge, or Police Chief to do any better. The … [Read more…]