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Boudoir Glamour
Glamour Photography - If you are 5'-9", 102Lbs, A-Cup, 32"x25"x30", then you can be a Runway Model!      (Or a Coat
Hanger) But, if you have DDs, Butt like Lake Michigan, Thighs like Beer Barrels, then don't take a pistol to your head, no sleeping pill
overdoses, don't hang yourself from a tree. You are a Glamour Model! Nothing makes me laugh louder than a model built like Serena
Williams that wants to strut down the Runway. (High Fashion) When is the last time you saw that Bouncing BooBoo Show? Reality

Glamour Models are in high demand for Fashion, Brand Representation, Acting, Videos, Commercials, Event Hosting, Advertising, and
many other projects and work. Glamour is that quality that makes Models appealing sexually (not Erotically). Glamour is the Striking
Attractiveness that makes us Romanticise about the Model's image. The Glamour Model becomes an Ambassador and Icon for her
particular beauty. Oh, you do wish to have a back like Katrina and a face like Miloh. Women will pay money to make sure that they do!

In my quest for Magazine Print opportunities, I target Glamour Models exclusively! I am noted in the industry for selecting models that
display very rare beauty. Nothing gives a Photographer more pleasure than to see the look in a Model's eyes, when she is very
pleased with her images.  We live for it. This is especially true when working with New Modeling Talent and Amatuer Models.
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