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Boudoir Glamour
Crowne Plaza - Governor's Suite - Houston, TX
Jacuzzi Suite - Comfort Suite - Milwaukee, WI
Hilton Greenspoint - King Suite - Houston, TX
Boudoir Photography - Boudoir Photography is defined by the space that the model occupies and not her attire. The Model is
in her personal space where she does not expect other people to enter, and she is typically very scantily clad. Lingerie is only one
Typical settings for Boudoir Photography can include the Bedroom, Make-up Space, Parlor or Sitting Room, Bathroom, Balcony or
Terrace, and even Her Sauna or Spa. Framing of shots must include Panoramas of the Boudoir Space. Matching of the Model and the
Boudoir Space presents additional challenge for the Set Designer and Photographer, especially when the Photographer shoots in
Portrait Orientation. It is clear that back cloths and simple backgrounds are usually never acceptable for Boudoir.  Boudoir Sets are
Complex and usually quite Luxurious.

When shooting Boudoir, assume that the Photographer has unusually high costs of preparing the set. Do not be alarmed if a higher fee
is applied. I often target upscale hotel suites for Boudoir Photography. In addition to finding a luxuriously appointed Hotel Suite, the
Photographer should also do a fair amount of work to remove hotel markers, like the 1980s hotel telephone, the hotel work desk, the
standard TV set, the un-attractive window view,and other obvious give-aways.  In addition, the Photographer should invest in the
addition of personal items not normally visible in a hotel suite, like the cell phone, a bouquet of flowers, a good looking book or two, a
comb/brush/mirror set, bottled spirits and glasses, and any other personal effects that make the space appear to belong to the Model.
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