A 12 x 60 minute urban contemporary TV drama series multi-season proposal
Writer, Creator - Terrence Ricci, Inc., Ricardo Middleton, Sr.
Slavery is a state of mind. It is giving up one’s
soul for gain or survival!  It is not obvious what
some people will sacrifice to get what they want.

Season #1 of this epic drama series, pits our
heroine, Strip Club Owner, Tina Storm, against
Homicide Commander, Jeffery Cambridge, in a
love-hate relationship, despite their opposing
interests, objectives, and methods of protecting
women from street life.  

The wealthy, unscrupulous businessman,
Jonathan Barron, is mysteriously related to Tina
and Jeffery's past, and is on a mission to exploit
thirst for the good life, and to discover the killer
of his brother, in a buried cold case.

Spend some time on St Charles Place, and
passion will capture your inner slave.
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“The Intersection of what you need
and what you want!”
St. Charles Place does not exist in Houston, TX. It is a combination of “The Bottom”, Bissonnet Street,
and its infamous 1.5 mile prostitution stroll, “The Track”, in Houston’s South West ethnic area, “The
Middle or The Strip”, Richmond Avenue, in the very upscale Westside Galleria commercial area, with its
prominent and popular gentlemen’s palaces, and “The Top”, River Oaks area, with its gated mansions
with wrought iron fences. The story is a fantasy embellishment of each of the above districts, placed
along a long boulevard with the name, “St Charles Place”!

As a developing photographer, I once targeted Bissonnet Street, looking for young ladies that did not
mind showing a lot of skin. On approach, Beyonce rapidly turns into a destroyed soul and a slave, and
she is certainly not photogenic! The story is not about getting a $20 trick, from an uneducated street
walker, in a hourly room, at a “ho motel”. It's more like modern day slavery to sensuality, luxury, wealth,
drugs, power, and sexuality in the world’s largest center for human trafficking, which is Houston,TX.
The center of St. Charles Place is “The Strip”, and it is way upscale fantasy embellishment, to mimic
the Vegas Strip.

St. Charles Place is written in consideration of modern audiences with short attention spans. Following
after many current TV mega drama series, the story line moves to the right as an average of two or
three mini cliff hanger sub plots (Elements) are introduced and two or three are concluded for each
episode, following an overall story line. The audience is captivated by juggling the 5 or 6 current mini
stories. I have studied this activity for over 3 years and I have an understanding of all possibilities that
may contribute to the plot. The number of possible elements greatly exceeds the number of required
elements without repetition! Effort is made to not allow St. Charles Place to become a police drama.
What law enforcement has not done is quite a central theme.

St. Charles Place is a window to Houston, Texas, and the Deep South, that is of interest to a world
audience. There are stories of poor ghetto ignorance, stories of rural Texas folk, stories of athletes that
take advantage of females, stories of women that have to have it, stories of Internet queens of skin (The
Goddesses), who are slaves to “Instagram Likes”, stories of drug abuse, stories of celebrities’ shocking
addictions, and many others, added to stories of displaced people from weather events, illegal
immigration, and smuggling in the largest port in America, Voodoo used as an enticement or
entrapment, serial murder/rape, backstabbing, as well as success in entertainment, given stacked
odds against it, just to mention some of the unlimited possibilities.

Tina Storm’s Club Luxor is the main attraction and it is the heart and soul of The Strip. Club Luxor is an
entertainment Mecca, and exotic artists (Goddesses) dream of headlining there. Club Luxor is the place
where Houston goes for entertainment, from the oil baron, to the wannabe rap artist, from the petro
engineer to the airport security guard. Luxor is big enough for headlining any artist from any
entertainment genre. Think of Tropicana, Cotton Club, a little bit of Mongo's, and a touch of MGM
Grand and you are almost there. Add a balcony area, main stage, three runways, orchestra pit, and
you are getting close.

Like the movie titled “Flash Dance”, St. Charles Place will feature weekly choreographed performances,
which are predominately strip teases, by Houston based and international exotic dancers (Goddesses),
and includes performances from urban contemporary and other musical artists, who will compete to
have their material featured on St. Charles Place. Performances will definitely tell stories.

Cameos!  As sure as the wind blows, celebrities and power players attend major events in Houston,
from Superbowls, trade conventions, All Star Games, Rodeo, college finals/rivalries, …, etc. You
are sure to see celebrities from all of entertainment written into cliff hangers. Yes, Charles Barkley,
with his baby face and beady eyes, is a crazed rapist and abuser of exotic dancers, who he treats as
whores. Alicia Keys can visit Houston, have erotic appeal and connection to a main character, then
play a performance at Club Luxor on a black grand piano, wearing a gleaming and shimmering white
satin gown.

There is no beginning, and there is certainly no ending. On day 1, 2, & 3, I drive down The Track and
ask myself, “what is law enforcement doing to curb illegal activity"? On day 4 there is a big round up
and The Track is barren. Then out of nowhere on day 5, Saint Charles Place is bustling with activity
again. On the day after Armageddon, a bulldozer rolls over the ashes of Club Luxor, and The New Club
Cotton Tail is under construction. It is a revolving door! After many entanglements, Tina Storm and Jeff
Cambridge are in a meaningful relationship. But they are two new people at that point. Tina knows
more about what she wants and Jeff knows more about who he is. But St Charles Place goes on.

Writer, Creator
TRI Terrence Ricci Incorporated
Ricardo Middleton, Sr.