Tina Storm – Heroine, Club Luxor Owner, gorgeous, wealthy, successful, passion for promoting selected ladies into
profitable careers in entertainment to save them from the street, desires real love which she has yet to find despite
seeing many men that target her wealth, previous streetwalker and stripper who overcame, educated, and has
professional connections in Hollywood, Vegas, and New York.

Sanaa Lathan     Meagan Good     
Jeffery Cambridge – Commander, Homicide Division, handsome & virile, hates all aspects of the Strip and Track,
campaigning for public office and enhanced status, prefers to bulldoze St. Charles Place, has secret connection to the
stroll from his youth and family tree.   

Shemar Moore      Morris Chestnut
Jonathan Barron – Owner of Bayou Country Club, very wealthy, handsome, villain, ex-detective, unscrupulous,
connected to crime, politicians, seeks brother’s killer in a cold case, aware of Tina’s darker past, black soul dressed in
gleaming white!

Matthew McConaughey
Marci Cambridge – Niece of Jeff Cambridge, stereotypical good girl that shouldn’t be on that damned Strip, college
student, drop dead gorgeous, her mother (Jeff’s sister) was a victim of street life.

Neish Michelle   Jessica Lee Wong   Diana Levy   Madison Calley
Tiffany Edwards – Stereotypical Texas Girl, “bad ass”, big trouble follows her around, drop dead gorgeous, escaping a
sexually abusive father.

Erica Gore    LemyBeauty   Katya Elise Henry   Ashley Ortiz   Victoria Salazar
Kurt Porter – History Professor at Holcomb College, handsome, provides explanations of cultural issues in class, young,
genuinely and professionally interested in St Charles Place.

Orlando Bloom
J Silk, Jeremy Thomas – Son of Tina Storm, rapper, handsome, virile, frequents Richmond Avenue strip palaces and is
a “Maker” of Houston based exotic dancers.

Marcus Scribner
Khalil – Hustler from Memphis, handsome, virile, thug, intelligent, multi-talented, brings a crew of prostitutes to St Charles
Place for an event and decides to dig in.

Idris Elba
Lonnie James  –  Chief of Police, handsome, senior, virile, socialite, political, covers stories of Jeff’s past, has fetish
desire for Tina.
St Charles Place - Main Characters and Typical Actors