Welcome to En Trance, a publication with a humble beginning that will include up-coming model features and
galleries; photography-modeling industry adventures, techniques, help aides, and lifestyle articles. Our format
includes the separation of the Publication "En Trance" from the website for TRI Photography, We have a structure
in place that will leave room in the near future for inserting Advertiser's Spaces, as a bridge to the content that you
are dying to experience. Future editions will include interactive elements including comment boxes for lively online
discussion of articles, video inserts, polls, and other idealistic content as we develop. We are not interested in
complying with normal standards, but we are interested in applying unique perspectives in all that we do. Our target
demographic is young people and people that desire joy and excitement in their lives. We are definitely for mature
adults, but we hope that our material will not be indecent in any respect. We hope to be very accessible and
interactive with social media. Our intention is to never become a print publication. In addition, it is our intention to
maximize feedback and participation from our audience.

We are African American with some Latin, European, and Native American blood in our family line. We come from
the Ghetto in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and we are College Educated. I have taught my children to be extremely
proud of their African Heritage and appreciative of the Heritage of others. We despise bigotry and we celebrate
diversity. While passionate about our art, we are technically competent and brilliant thinkers. Our material will be
decidedly, "Urban Contemporary" and "Controversial". We have writing skills, but as stated before, we could care
less what your English Teacher has to say about our writing methods or delivery. We are talking to our audience
and we own the discussion. I hope that you enjoy what we have to say to you, as we write and push images at your
face to inspire real thought.

En Trance and TRI are two names that I use for my photography. En Trance (On-Tronce-Se) is derived from the
French language and refers to entrancing images that inspire dream-like emotions and passions. TRI is an
abbreviation of Terrence Ricci Incorporated, which is simply the names of my two sons, Terrence and Ricardo Jr.
The word "Incorporated" is added to bring the two names together or incorporate them. It is not a type of business
structure. It is simply a fictitious name that hopefully sounds good.

Photography is an art that one acquires and practices to continuously improve one's skills. No one truly knows
how good you are until they have seen your latest and best works. When I started out, my skill was low, my
techniques were wrong, and my equipment was sub-standard. Surprisingly, some of my work from that time was
excellent. I am thankful for the people that I was associated with during that time including my Mentor, Mr. Len
Walker of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who was my brightest inspiration. Len helped me in a Brotherly way on any
matter related to Model Photography and I pass on Len's Brotherly Blessing to everyone that I can. In addition, I was
especially inspired by the beauty and grace of many young models that I was lucky enough to associate with and
shoot. None of those were more inspiring than Katrina, Xhanita Bridges, and Keishyra Williams. I have done multiple
shoots with each of these gorgeous young ladies and I would love to do many, many more.

Photographic Development for me consists of continuously improving my equipment and my understanding of
how to maximize its features, continuously experimenting with photographic techniques and methods to achieve
improved results and efficiency, continuously training my eye to recognize photogenics and improving my methods
of capturing the beauty of the subject and setting and continuously improving my skill in interacting and
communicating with models and other industry professionals. Too many people in this industry think that progress is
the number of backs that they have stabbed, the number of people that they have cheated, abused, supplanted,
and stolen  from, including items and ideas. My progress in this industry will depend on the number of people that I
am able to help. I am convinced that is the proper perspective.  

Flava Girl Magazine. I am grateful for having the acceptance by Ms. Cassandra Lewis, CEO, Photographer, and
Owner of Flava Girl Magazine as a Staff Photographer. I was published 4 times in Flava Girl and in addition, Lindsay
Booker was "Flava of the Month" in January 2013.

Abuse and Oppression. I am concerned that Models are the single most abused and exploited members of this
industry. I am therefore constantly writing about my experiences with the industry to give the young model
understanding of her magnificent power and enough business knowledge to avoid oppression and security risks. I
have many articles and discussion contents from a Facebook Group page that I moderate that provide awareness
information for Models and Photographers. I will migrate that content to this website and I will continue to add to the
content as my experiences direct me.

Fun and Enjoyment.  We can write, talk, and photograph anything that we want. We will concentrate on alternate
points of view for all things related to lifestyle, modeling,current events, photography, fashion, sports, politics,
electronics, economy, culture, dining, travel, cars, entertainment, religion, society, leisure, beauty, athletics, ..., and
any other topic of interest to our audience. I hope that you will enjoy this page and come back often.