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Urban Sexy Photography - Many fair minded people will not agree on what "Urban Sexy" means. I believe
that it is an ethnic term, if not a racial term. Let's get beyond our defensiveness and realize that we are talking about

I believe that the term derives from African American and South American Latino fixation on divine thickness, tiny
waist lines, and booming rear ends as opposed to blond hair, gigantic breasts, and skinny frames.  There is nothing
wrong with fixation on either version of feminine beauty.  I am happy that many white men have great appreciation
for "Urban Sexy" and in fact many white women who are appealing to urban audiences, are no longer ashamed of
their fine curvy bodies. Truth is that when women make choices on how their bodies look, they thicken their lips, tuck
their tummies, augment their breasts, and lift and augment their buttocks. Cool!

There is still a degree of discrimination in the industry based on exposure of Urban Sexiness. There are unwritten
rules against exposure of buttock cleavage that are not applied to breast cleavage. Hopefully this trend will be
relaxed in the very near future.

I am certainly a fan of "Urban Sexy" and I invite all women of every demographic to participate in this Genre and
empower it.  TRI - Terrence Ricci Incorporated and En Trance will embrace and celebrate all nationalities, races,
religions, and ethnicities.
TRI Terrence Ricci Incorporated