TRI Terrence Ricci Incorporated
We are very proud of the artistic content of our
work.  We treat all of our Clients with Dignity and
Respect and from the first contact, our intention
is to provide you with world class service.

We have been published in diverse, competitive
publications 7 times, and we are publishing our
own work. We will push to get talented models
published and we have a fine track record.

We take a simple approach to photography and
we prefer to work On-Location, with Natural
Backgrounds, as opposed to Studio/ Back Cloth/
Abstract/ Imaginary Backgrounds.

We prefer Natural Beauty over Fancy Make Up
and Hair for most of our shoots. If requested, we
can provide the best of the Houston area
Make-Up Artists. In most cases, Models should
be capable of doing their own Normal Beautiful
Hair and Makeup.

While we are fully capable of responding to the
needs of our clients, up to and including highly
technical, engineering investigations and
reporting, we are not embarrassed about our
focus on Feminine Beauty. We believe that from
the foundations of history that the vast majority of
human art has focused on the female form.
Shoot Sexy!

We are always open to TFCD or TFP
Collaborations with top modeling talent.

As always, Happy Shooting!
Photography and Videography
Urban Sexy, Boudoir, Glamour