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Model Release Documents

Model Release Documents are used by Models to permit the use of their images. The Model describes the
types of photographs that can be published. Model Releases are Statements From The Model and do not
require input from the Photographer. Model Releases are not Contracts.

The following releases may be used by En Trance, TRI, or Ricardo Middleton, Sr. or their Representatives,
Associates, or Employees. You may copy and use any of these releases in whole or in part without the fear of
copyright infringement litigation. This is in line with En Trance's Spirit of Collaboration". These forms can be
extremely useful for both Models and Photographers.

I use these forms for my photography and videography. You are advised that I am not a Lawyer and I am
therefore not able to make legal recommendations of any kind. Please therefore only use the model releases or
parts thereof after you have modified them to fit your particular needs.
En Trance